Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Oh Whipping Boy II...

"Come here, Whipping-boy."
"Yes, mistress?"
"The report you gave me."
"The report, mistress. Did it please you?"
"No, it did not please me. I shall call you dog-boy now, you do not deserve to be called Whipping-boy."
"Oh, mistress, let me please you again. If I have failed, somehow..."
"Perhaps I might allow you to please me again, dog-boy, if--"
"If? If, mistress?"
"If you rebuild the report."
"At once! At once, mistress!"
"By ISBN."
"You are drooling, dog-boy. I can see your new name suits you."
"But there are--"
"I don't believe I asked you to speak, dog-boy."
"Yes, m--"
"Ah? There are eight hundred and forty ISBNs, dog-boy. You do not need to tell me what is in the catalog. Who manages those pages of the catalog, dog-boy?"
"You do, mistress."
"Good, dog-boy. Now, provide me sales information on each product on those catalog pages. If your efforts are acceptable, perhaps I will give you your old name back."
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