Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Pagan party at the church--

Whoof, gotta be careful timing this one ... I think the pagan party at church is at something like 7:00, Sat the 25th. Need to verify that.

To do:
1) finish ripping halloween music to get a good mix together. Should fit pretty concisely on 2gb thumbdrive, there's not a lot of good halloween music in the world...I THINK I can get this one done tonight.

2) Shopping for bake sale. Making:
a. "Blackberry Moolahs" ... money-charm blackberry-almond bars with gold dragees.
b. Love Cupcake #9s ... chai-chocolate cupcakes with rum frosting.
c. Dead bread.
Qty: 30-40 sellable units per each, with a "give to a good cause" value of $2 per. I'm guessing that's one cupcake, one deadbread, or three cookies. Find way to package cookies. Will stop by cake supply store after work. Keep reciept this time, spotty. Need to keep ingredients under $50 if at all possible, because I'm not going to make $60 :( Expected crowd of 30.

3) Baking for same: Dead bread is presumably a yeast bread, and the weather just turned cold. This one could concievably take half the day, but can knock off the blackberry bars during the rising time. Should be able to finish by 3:00.

4) Whines to transport, set up, lights, in advance of party.

Additionally, need to bring all halloween-themed decorations and such, though this is a smaller stockpile every year :(

Actual party: 7-10? Double-check.

Costume...ah...there's the rub...don't have enough of a Dr Who costume to make a go of that one yet. Must check.

Observation: Once again, my "hyena cooking" icon has been replaced with Obama Lion. That's so strange.

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