Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Disaster, despair, cupcakes--

Whoof! Got through the bakesale. The stuff looked nice - my cupcakes are a little amateurish, I don't have a lot of practice icing them and didn't know how much batter to use, so sometimes they're huge, and the icing's a little splat-y, but everyone who likes cupcakes liked them :)

What's the appeal of buttercream icing? It's so damned sweet :( That may answer my question tho.

The blackberry bars--meh, maybe I didn't cook them long enough. They're a little soggy. But the toasted almond shortbread crust on them was tasty, and the blackberry goo had a good flavor, if weirdly storebought. Dunno. But when I was cooking it, at first it was a purple-black stew, but I added a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice, and it exploded into swirls of purple, blue, even red streaks of foam! So pretty :) I'm not a big fan of lemon-bar style cookies, though, so I'll file this in that recipe bin. Which is plastic-lined and also contains coffee grounds.

Dead bread - very pleased with the dead bread :) It was soft and chewy like a yeast bread should be, though dead bread tends to be a little bit dry and crumbly. The piece I had this morning was dry, so I guess it hadn't cooled enough, but it tastes just like dead bread should. I wasn't able to decorate it well because I was adapting a recipe for one HUGE loaf into a recipe for eight small loaves, so I coldn't shape the strings of dough into little skulls, the medium just wouldn't cooperate. *shrugs*

Now the kitchen is completely, completely fuxored...I'm starting at one side and slooowly working my way counterclockwise, trying to patch things up, but this'll take a while!

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