Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

The most beautiful thing in the world, thoughts about astroglide

I have a 10-mile drive to work each day, of which the first three miles take 20 minutes...the long crawl up the congested highway that links our subdivision to the rest of Austin. The first half-mile goes past the landfill.

A garbage truck pulled out in front of me, cascading white feathers in an exhuberant swirling blizzard. Somehow, it got an old feather pillow caught in its axel, spilling fluffy white gusts of down all the way into town. So pretty!

Thought for the day, reflecting on Prop 8, and the astonishing money that got dumped into this endeavor, money wasted on hate (thanks, Paka, for the link.)

My thought is, think about the powerful social change the gay male community could put into effect if they just took the money they spent on lube in a single month, and put it toward statewide gay-friendly legislation. You could call the campaign the "Slippery Slope."

Okay, I'm done sniggering, back to work.

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