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Here I am, innocently minding my own business more or less, when my sister calls me on the phone to say "um...I said 'y'all should come over for Thanksgiving!' to my boyfriend's family, and...they said yes..."

My mother and sister have a small house in South Austin. It's actually a fairly big house, but it's put together weirdly and doesn't use its space well.

So, suddenly, family of 5-6 joining us for thanksgiving dinner, the event gets moved to our pad.

/me moves the naughty art out of the living room, again

So, that brings a total of 12-13 people coming over for dinner! Yeesh! I hope I have the placemats and napkins and things, need to do a quick count! I've still got time to yoink a few things off Amazon/Ebay that fit my overall halloween theme on the dinner table. I'll check when I get home.

In other news, this was *nearly* one of those restful throw-away weekends. Had a nice lunch Saturday with Fizz and Itza, a little light shopping, nothing purchased except a plant.

Dinner Saturday was spicy squash soup with saffron chicken and pita, tastee.

Sunday morning at church, had a nice conversation with a social networker type who seemed down on her luck, that was interesting. Lunch with Whines, then home to hang out with Lhexa, always nice to see him.

Bulky Waste Disposal Day! Yay! *Does the Dance of the Discarded Sofas* Put out a hewge (hard to move with two people) broken TV, the plaid sofa that eats people, a monster big monitor from Whines' arcade cabinet, and a slightly dysfunctional dryer. Within an hour, the only thing left was the monitor. I love Bulky Waste Disposal Day, it's like a crappy version of Christmas :)

Reorganizing a bit of the living room, so my bad art gallery now has just a giant 6' beanbag chair, coffee table, and the arcade cabinet. It's a bit more spacious now. I'll pile up some sitting-pillows nearby if people want to use the table for games or suchlike.

Anyway, back at work, and happy to be here :)

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