Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Halloween forks?

Okay,'s a question I can't answer.

I've got a halloween theme going in my dining room. I've got a variety of cloth halloween-themed placemats and napkins. I used to have a halloween tablecloth, but my table's just too big for it now, so that doesn't work so well, life goes on though, I can comission a bigger one from my stitch-happy friends.

One thing I'm hitting a wall on, tho, is silverware. There just isn't any halloween stainless steel patterns that I can see. I know I can get stuff with a plastic handle, but that stuff wears out pretty quickly. Has anyone ever seen something like this? Doesn't really matter what pattern - bats, moons, just an unusually gothy pattern, anything that would keep with the tone.
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