Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Guilty pleasures--

My favorite restaurant is a sports bar :(

I'm a little sad about this, since I'm a foodie, but ever since we discovered the Wings & Crap down the road from our house has $.45 chicken tenders on Monday, and it's possible to feed three people for under $20, we haven't missed a Monday.

This is kind of tragic. The waitstaff know us, though we keep changing our order, so they haven't been able to guess exactly what we're going to get yet. But their cheap chicken tenders have become an important part of my Monday evening routine. We're slowly working our way through their menu, so it's inevitable that we'll settle on a pattern soon, except that I keep shifting the quantities based on how many meals I've skipped.

*sigh* Sometimes I want to turn to the waiter and say, "I KNOW I eat here every monday, and as often as not twice in a week. But I want you to know, I made lemon-saffron kebabs and Morrocan squash soup last night, my spice cabinet is worth more than my car, and I roll my own pie crusts. Just so we understand each other."

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