Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Mmm, food.

Thanksgiving: grilled a turkey (standard lemon vinaigarette basting, meat nice and tender, just about perfect.) Sweet potato pudding (a little on the crunchy side, sweet potatoes, cream and coconut, topped with whipping cream and cardamom, yum!) Didn't bother making dessert, though, there was too much food.

Appetisers: canapes made from home-made french bread, marscapone cheese, proscuttio (sp) ham, and figs soaked in marsala. Quite tasty, not as good as the ones that inspired me to make, but good on their own. The bread was very good, nice and chewy and flavorful! Weird shape, though :( I think I might have put too much flour in the dough. And my family's painfully spicy cheeseball, with lots of triscuits. Mmm, I love triscuits. I spend more time in bed with triscuits than with Whines. But on his side of the bed, lord knows *I* don't like crumbs.

Last night: Fondue party for the triumphant entry of Tanukisan and Cranberry into Austin, here to stay (we hope!) Course one, a tasty, sweet cheese fondue, havarti and cream with raspberry puree, a pretty mauve color, served with challah, artisan bread and sourdough. T-standard beef broth fondue followed, with lots of veggies and meats to boil, nothing special there, but it was tasty. Final course, a Tobler chocolate fondue with a delicate orange liquor flavor. Mmm :) The nougat in the Tobler caramalized into little crispy tasty things.

Mmm, decadent :) The kitchen's trashed, again. I fear that is its natural state.

Busy, busy...cleanup Wednesday, cleanup Thursday, cooking Thursday, cleanup Friday, trip to San Antonio for furry gathering Friday (sorry I had to call that short :( ), some light shopping Saturday, but most of day spent prepping for a D&D 4.0 I'm running for some furries who haven't gotten to play in a long time, then ran game (4.0 practically runs itself, I just had to provide the funny voices...), church Sunday morning, Christmas wish lists Sunday afternoon, cooking and company Sunday evening, stayed up to some ungodly hour. Life's a little wobbly right now, and the office coffee pot is broken on my floor :( Woe is me. If only the tragedy of my life was mitigated somehow by wonderful people to hang out with and drool on, and delicious chocolate and cheese. Le sigh. TRAGIC, I tell you.
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