Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Wow! Gay Nigerian scam!

I am Kenneth Ekwems from Cotonou Benin West Africa,I am 75 years old but now very sick and in hospital,Through out my life I have been a night crawler,drinking away my life from one night club to another,and enjoying my male counter part,I have fought the course to sustain the rights of the gay in this part of the world,but due to our few in numbers,our freedom has been limited,However,we are still fighting on,I made money,Real money from Oil Contracts and sell of Raw Gold,and used my wealth to fight for our rights till date,Unfortunately, medical experts said that my days are numbered and very soon I will give up the ghos,In respect to this,I decided to share my wealth to some gay/lesbian organisations, if I am given their contact details,Based on this Pastor Dennis Adjovi who is my gay pet prepared a list of gay/lesbian organisations in which you are included,Consequently,I have granted the sum of USD800,000,for your society which is deposited in a Security and Finance Firm,You are advised to contact the Managing Director of the Finance Firm,Dossou Gabriel via goodpeople1968@XXXXX.XXX so that he can send you the money,I may not be able to write you again,but please do use the money for the glory of gay society,Thanks,Kenneth Ekwems
Favorite lines: "Pastor Dennis Adjovi, who is my gay pet..." that's a good one. I also like the line "please do use the money for the glory of gay society." Such an image :)

I do get a lot of gay rights spam, since all GLBT stuff for my Unitarian Universalist church is sent to my primary e-mail account. This one's a little bit special though, usually it's more along the lines of "please help me get from Bolivia to United States so I may get married." Which contains a flow.
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