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Using my time wisely--

I have a bad habit of getting into a "staring for hours at the walls/into the abyss/at porn" when I'm A) unemployed, B) trying to exist between the months of November and February, or C) left alone with only my internal monologue to accompany me. Or worse, A,B, and C. So, I'm working on some old creative projects that I put down, from back in '05--in particular,, an alternate-universe Amazon more or less lifted from the Shadowrun RPG (but without all the genre-muddling cyberpunk.)

Aaanyway, I haven't done any new writing on it, but I've got some ideas--I did revise the web pages to be a little more amazony and smooth, and a little bit graphically cleaner (the jpgs are a little large, I need to lower their quality a bit).

The only page that really has content right now is the "products" page, but it's been a lot of fun working on these, I think I'll try to tackle the "welcome" stuff now, but that's more world-buildy, less funtyme text.
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