Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

By demand, albiet not popular one--

We posted an invite for some furs to come over for Christmas. Enigmatically, one of them decided to respond in haiku, along the general lines of "haiku sure are difficult, aren't they?" but with a 5-7-5 syllable count.

I'm a bit crazy for haiku, so I had to respond...

First the one that set me off--

This could be very fun.
But it's still too far to tell.
Haiku is not easy.

And then, my responses--

lions and tigers come,
no bears, to winter parties.
Bears stay home to dream.

No tigers either, Spotty.
We don't know any of those.

Foxes on the couch?
No--teenagers, like foxes,
swish their tails and bark.

Ah, to be young, or a fox.
Or a young fox, better still.

Old wolves mutter, fur
is not like it was back then.
Scents are not as sharp.
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