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catchup catchup

Real dearth of jobs available lately. I applied to a "development" (read: nonprofit fund whore) position at the University, and a writing position with a local startup. I'm having this ongoing struggle with writing positions, in that I have a writing degree, am a competent writer, but have no professional experience writing. This is frustrating. Mebbe I should do some freelance work, that might help.

I had a little mental hiccup after not getting that church position I app'd for...it was along the lines of "if I had SOOO much going for me, I should just abandon hope if I couldn't get even that job." It happened right when I got lots of unemployment stuff from the gubmint, so I had a day of strong mope. Seem to have recovered.

Furry gather at our house Saturday. Went...pretty well, really. I kind of shut down on the social a bit after dinner, once we started playing media. I *do* know how to schmooze and socialize, but I keep forgetting to! There were several newish faces I only barely met. Gotta work on that. It was a good event, tho, lots of tasty food. Next time, I'm going to make a place for wii stuff in my plans, since such a large number of people like the video games, and just because *I* have a chip on my shoulder about video games, doesn't mean they're not valuable. And wii stuff is unusually interactive.

Excellent ritual at the church for Solstice. Well-attended, well-run.

Challenge for the day: study Microsoft Visio. Fun, fun.

Visited the light show on 37th, that was nice, nearly as good as it was four years ago before the decline in its quality hit. Lots of active houses participating--none were *amazing*, but the entire street was lit up, including the for-sale units. Went with N and Turtle and Butterfly, very nice evening.

It doesn't feel like a lot is happening right now, so I haven't been updating much, except as a way to keep track of my life. Hope that changes, in a positive way. Certain element of treading water these days.


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Dec. 23rd, 2008 08:33 pm (UTC)
You're the second person on my f-list who lost their job. Ugh, the theme of this holiday season seems to be "bad things happening to good people". I hope it picks up for you!
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