Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

DIY Ritual Workshop, February 28--

The CUUPS/pagan group at church is having some minor changes and evolutions, and I was kind of thinking one of them would drive us to a more wicca-centric place. So I thought of an entertaining semi-solution--let the Sabbat rituals be more group-defined, rather than binding them to a tradition. To this end, we (that is, the pagan group's steering body) are going to try to hold a "DIY Ritual Workshop" the quarter before a sabbat, with the aim of building personal ritual, exploring an upcoming sabbat's traditions in detail (including the Christian version of same, dammit, they've got good ritual too!) and building both personal ritual and a new shared ritual for the next major holiday.

The first one is scheduled for Feb 28, to build up ideas for the Summer Solstice celebration. Probably around 10:30 at First UU of Austin. Anyone wishing to attend this brainstormy thang is more than welcome :)

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