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A plantful day--

I really need to get an icon for talking about plants and gardening and crap. It's one of my top tens.

Went down to mom's house for breakfast today, as we are both unemployeded. She went up to put her face on, so I dug up a bunch of agave cactuses from her front yard to take home with me. These are fiercely serrated little beasts with evil thorns, sharper than a needle and curved inward, and my hands and arms are now covered with tiny little holes. Le sigh. But I picked up about a dozen of them, and gave one of my neighbors five for their landscaping. One of them is like a foot wide! Most of them are teenly little guys, maybe six inches tall at the outside...some of them might not survive the trauma of transplanty planty, but I'm sure I've got at least four sturdy plants.

Dragged my grandma and mother over to a nusery on the far, far side of town and got a few treasures. One was a beautiful plant--some sort of Alternanthera, but that entire species is so thick with common names that I can't really guess which kind. It's a lovely red spidery plant, bouncy and almost octopus-like. Much fun.

Aaaand, naga peppers. Two plants. These are, quite literally, the world's hottest peppers, occasionally scoring over *1 million* scolvilles (for reference, pure capiscum is 14mil, pepper spray is 2mill, and a habanero is around 300,000). I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with these if they start producing. Apparently, one seed is total agony for a good half-hour, and even a die-hard pepper fan eating one in a hurry is going to be feeling it two days later.

*me steeples fingers*
There's my new toy in the upper right. I'm going to have to figure out how to make chili or curry from the damned thing. But...pure unadulturated pain in plant form...
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