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For auliya, who unexpectedly drew my butt--

Every Poet Poses Naked

in need of revision, but, as usual, I'm at work :)

How to begin? I think
By stanza three,
some flash
of thigh,
Some flesh
exposed to light,
Pale as blank paper,
Coffee shop lights
don't tan.

Strip off the clothes--
I wore three coats,
more time, you see--
so much obscured
by needless weight,
but the delay,
in each unveiling,
is really more for me.

Too long--no patience in this act,
no time to rest, to breath--
damn the caesura.
Tearing off pants,
shedding rhyme, and boxers,
reason, false art,
stripping down
to the truth--
every poet poses naked.
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