Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Lovely weekend so far--

Went to see "The Spirit" on Friday, which was a lot of fun. Not what you'd consider a "great" film, but definately visually interesting and entertaining. The dialog was a little cheesy, and without a working knowledge of the source material I'm not sure how it fared in terms of fan service, but overall, fun stuff.

Came home, did a little bit of housework and some cooking, then crashed.

Brunch at Tanuki and Cranberry's house Saturday morning. Our hosts made quiche and bacon, Flippant brought a fruit salad, Cometfox did "Hens in a Basket" which are the same, apparently, as "Toad in the Hole," but different from "Stoats in a Henhouse." And Cometfox industriously cleaned the kitchen, which is very alien behavior, and the second time I saw him do it. Interesting. Reggie and Pouch came earlier than I did. Met T&C's housemate. The three of them would make a good sitcom, they really seem like TV characters somehow, but in a good way.

Made a double-batch of flan, covered in caramel sauce and bananas, rum, and toasted coconut. Very tasty, not terribly rich (though the topping was). Flan is a big favorite of mine, and I'm still on the lookout for le perfect recipe.

After that, ran home, met up with Lhexa for some conversation, then travelled north to a herpetology convention. Lhexa and I both agreed that one thing we really want is more random excursions, and this seemed to qualify :)

The lizards and things were beautiful. I got to hold a "Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko", a strange, pretty thing with gem-like red eyes. It seemed to like me, or at least wouldn't get off my hand. Lots of gorgeous snakes--the diamond-orange patterns on the albino snakes were pretty. Tarantulas and hissing cockroaches too. I reallyreally can't stand spiders, and have some knee-jerk revulsion to standard cockroaches, but I keep finding myself wanting to have a family of hissing cockroaches. This is a bad idea. But they hiss :) It's cute!

Wandered off with a bagful of bromiliad airplants. Not quite sure what to do with them, except admire them and spritz them with water occasionally...maybe I'll try to set up a terrarium. Maybe next year it'll have hissing cockroaches in it, who knows. *shudders*

Went to the Laguna Gloria Art Museum after that, killing a little time before dinner, and wandered the nature trails with Lhexa while Whines napped off brunch and some recent sleep deprivation. Pleasant little few hours--the Laguna Gloria grounds are so VERY full of random nostalgia for me, since I went to lots of the art shows back in the day, and almost every viewing angle sparks some tiny "take me back 20 years" moment. I love that sort of thing :)

Tex-mex for dinner, then curled up with Whines and Lhexa for late-night comedies. A very satisfying day all around.

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