Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Life, etc

Had a bit of a crash last night. Spent literally all day working on job applications--a few of them were the really loooong, arduous ones that make you apply via a complicated, multi-page web form, so they can reject you in a standardized manner. Didn't get any responses back, except for a rejection from the A) least rewarding and B) most complicated application.

At least they sent me a rejection letter. *sigh* One of my big problems is I need a LOT of validation and criticism (constructive, even if it's negative) to make sense of myself and my life. I've turned in probably 30 applications, and gotten three rejections back out of them. Most people don't bother.

Really got off my duff this weekend and have done 12 applications since Friday morning. No progress at all, but at least I feel like I'm participating *grumble*

The one lead I had that seemed strong closed up, I haven't gotten a rejection surprise there...but I'm not hopeful.

My paychecks stop in mid-February. I can go forward for another two months after that on what I have in the bank, not counting unemployment.

Job fair Wednesday.

Made business card. It's trimmed with blue leopard print. Not sure that's a wise decision, but it's a good blend of "fun" and "professional."

I really, really need a vacation. Whatever job I get, I hope it starts like a month from now. I don't care if I have to draw on my funds and savings, this is damned stressful.

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