Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Interview, results, spending spree--

Okay, the *first* of two interviews went well.

I'm amazed at how quickly all this went down--I saw a post this morning at 9:50, before heading out the door at 10:00. Called on phone, they asked for resume. Sent resume.

Getting to resume-polishing class, climing the stairs at 11:20, phone call saying I had the interview. Would 2:30 be good?

Class ends at 1:10. Race home, iron pants, find good shirt, run out door, get down in South Austin at 2:20.

Good interview! Unfortunately, preliminary interview, for staffing agency to weed out the sick and infirm. Real interview is tomorrow at 10:00.

Shopping! (Bad gay, no biscuit...) picked out black sportscoat, a couple of nice gem-tone shirts (including a dusty green silk shirt, really nice), and a tie that goes with both of them. And pants. And like $80 worth of graphic novels from the half price books next door. *slaps hand* was like the ENTIRE Books of Magic series, and two of the Dreaming novels. I'm not made of steel! I'm mostly made of cheddar, in fact.

So, tomorrow, interview. Advantages: 6 years experience in job being offered, which is marketing coordinator. It's for a vocational college, and I've worked with educational materials/educational sector for 10 years. Most of the people applying just want "to work in marketing," I'm trying to line up myself for the actual listed job. That's a small psychological edge, but it helps shape answers.

Disadvantages: 15 other candidates. Recruiter thinks I've got an excellent chance, though, given the competition. So, we'll see. Plus, my messianic complex may play against me.

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