Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Aigh! Nightmare!

So, I managed to get a job interview at the University of Texas. I'm pretty thrilled, those are darn hard to land. Got myself packed up and went to have lunch with Whines, had a little trouble finding my interview site, that was a challenge, but I got there eventually, a half-hour early. They let me sit in the conference room and wait, which gave me a goodly amount of time to read through their brochures, note that they had left a big discussion of their needs on their dry-erase board, chat with the interview team a bit, it's a good thing.

I think the interview went very well. Answered all the questions coherantly, asked some decent ones myself. They threw a "throw him off balance" question at me--"What, if any, is your favorite font?" which I could answer pretty well because I'd been doing design for mom for the last week, and had used my favorite font on the packet of business cards I had in my back pocket (for the record, it's "dead history," but that's subject to change without notice or notification).

Then they take me to another room to sit down for an MS Office skills check.

I'm pretty sure of myself when it comes to MS Excel, a bit cocky, but it's justified, I've been honing my Excel skills for five years, I know what I'm doing there. Not bad with Word, better than 90% of the world with Access (meaning I can navigate the menus and create a basic report...) Then I sit down, turn on the computer, pop open Excel...

It's Excel 2007. I've never even SEEN 2007. Suddenly, I can't even figure out how to save a file or do a basic sort. Eeeee!

Got it muddled through somehow...but that was traumatic!

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