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Garden, and a refreshing bit of manual labor, and inevitable job-whining, but it's short

Almost all of my mints are back :) the vast majority of them are starting to send up likttle green shoots for the spring-only two don't seem to be starting to bud, and even they have a few tiny motes of green that may be a weed.

The Southern Colonal mint (the classic "mint julep" spring) has rangily spread across a yard of terrain, sending exploratory shoot around its environment, but not filling it out yet. With a bit of judicious weed-wacking it should colonize a big patch of land.

In other news, Whines wanted to cut some mattboard to frame some art for an upcoming furry event - Furry Fiesta, a con that it's looking more and more like we won't be able to attend in person. Le sigh. My family used to be in the art business, had a few local galleries and picture-framing studios, but that was...welll, a long time ago, before the late 80's recession and the 1992 flood on South Lamar.

I ventured into mom's garage today and picked up her professional grade matt cutter. IT was basically rusted together, but an hour of elbow grease, steel wool, and WD40 later, and it's...well, not pristine, the chrome will never be the same, but the blade housing slides neatly up and down its length, and I was able to extract razor blades from it that were older than some of my friends. I *think* it's a working Device now, though there's a chance the blade housing is too manky to use, and will need to be disassembled and patched back together. However, I may leave that to Whines. Don't know.

No news, good or bad, on the job front for the last two weeks, though I've had four interviews, all of which went fairly well. We'll see. I applied for a little job in a north Austin garden center. It's probably bad when the interviewer looks at you over her glasses and says, "Now, which job were you applying for?"

Still pending--I haven't gotten a response back for my interview at the University of Texas (cross fingers, drool), and I'm pursuing an opening at my old company. And the garden center probably won't call me back, but there's a non-zero chance that might pan out.

Midlife crisis for a furry--questioning his species. I find myself asking if I'm really a hyena anymore. That's kind of absurd, but since I'm a bit more of an animal spirituality sort, it's a meaningful question to me. But I do have a fair bit of investment in my current identity, particularly since Whines has known me for a few hours less time than I've called myself Spotty Logic, and he uses "Spotty" a lot more than he uses my real name.

(Edit: Oh, crap. My care bears mood icons were stored on Whines's old server, which is currently down.)

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