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State of the hyena:

I found the STRANGEST cross-marketing in Best Buy:

Papa John's Pizza: FREE chicken tenders with your copy of the DELUXE Event Horizon!

That out of the way...
As per usual, my personal equilibrium cycles widely these days. I've got a few job leads right now, one of which I'd begin to consider a *strong* lead. My long-time friend Fanboy pointed a position at his company out to me, which I'm more or less qualified for. It's going to require me to dump a fair amount of money out on learning Flash real damned quick, but that's doable. I'll wait until I hear back to make that commitment though, since it's still "Be Kind to Pennies" month. Actually knowing hopes that'll help. One hopes all sorts of things, one hopes that strapping young men will do one's lawnwork in some sort of partially-dressed, no-cost sort of way. One hopes for a nutritious, lo-cal cheesecake, and an actual income tax *refund.* One might never run out of hopes.

A cute position for a marketing coordinator (my previous job for five years) for a food sales group opened up, that might be fun, but since they weren't even asking for a college degree, I imagine I'm probably overqualified. Aaand, a sort of managerial thing in the mental health sector opened up, an industry where one side of my family and most of their friends works. Interesting.

Having a real hard time keeping up with all the self-paced stuff on my calendar. I've been slippping on keeping the church pagan group's website up to date and getting their announcements in on time. On the other paw, mom and I wrapped up the 20-page professional portfolio thang for her NPO, and she's a few weeks from getting her not-for-profit status renewed. Yay!

Whines is probably going to be heading up to the Texas furry convention this weekend with Lhexa, but I've decided to hold off for financial not to spend money without secure income, when avoidable. I'm glad one of us can make it, a bit sad that both couldn't...this is the first year I've managed to put aside enough money for a con, but I'm having to be all responsible-like. Something always comes up! Ach, well. I'll have some very nice company to keep me from going bonkers, so that's good.

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