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The "DIY Ritual Workshop" went very well. Small crowd--only three people that weren't my mother or myself. Had a bunch of different activities. Began with a five-minute rapid-fire thing--I'd made a bunch of "ways to quirkily change the main Wicca ritual", and encouraged people to write their own ones down as I read through mine. that went well. Then, a brief chatter about personal rituals, the sort of thigns you might need one for, and then we brainstormed for a minute about various things you'd want to make a ritual for--and eventually settled on a 15-minute discussion of "Rituals About Adulthood" (not the half-assed "you are an adult among your people, young warrior" kind, but REAL adulthood, the kind where there's no-one to catch you when you fail...unless there is, but that was part of the discussion.)

From there, moved into a rapid discussion about summer rituals, using a huge stack of rituals from around the world as brain-fodder. Quick brainstorming followed, eventually v-e-r-y roughly forging the outline of a ceremony dedicated to "Bringing the Summer Elements Back into Balance" thing, loosely connected to the ideas of harvest and plenty, duality, and drought/hunger. IT could work, we'll see.

Glad it's over, though :) Everyone seemed pleased!


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Mar. 1st, 2009 01:43 am (UTC)
Glad to hear it went well.

I was kinda hoping you'd throw in a d20 somewhere (but I see your next post was on a DM guide, so all good).

I would have liked to come. I used to take some Native American philosophy classes, and the discussions on "ritual vs. ceremony" were pretty interesting.
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