Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Rather nice couple of days--

Tuesday was a good day, in the balance. It started out kind of negatively, I got through my job searches in about an hour without findiing a single blessed thing that was worth pursuing. I was starting to get a little angsty, when I got two callbacks in about an hour--one for a job doing web support for an insurance/investment group (interview Thursday afternoon), the other doing marketing scutwork for a law firm focusing on probate/elderly stuff.

Went out with mom for lunch, came back--my copy of Roadside Romeo had arrived in the mail, which was nice, I'd gotten a nice rent check from the roomies (okay, that's not a really amazing thing, but it is a pick-me-up), Mom told me someone had sent me a present, but mailed it to my house from way back in 2001--oops, must have used Amazon.Com's address book, a bit out of date!

Began the day by getting dressed up and heading down to the aforementioned lawfirm for a grammar/intelligence test (?), which apparently I passed, as they're still willing to talk to me. So that's good. Went to a very nice organic gardening store in SE Austin, where I picked up some replacement herbs (dill, anise hyssop), and was amazed by, but did not in fact purchase, a plant called "Fuschia" which is like some sort of strange fantasy-cartoon flower. So very pretty!

Then home, where nothing terribly interesting happened. Ach, well, they can't all be winners :)
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