Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Up and down weekend--

Deviant organized a group to see "Watchmen" on Friday. I'm not up to writing a review of it right now, but sufficed to say, it surpassed my expectations, which were, really, not high, so it was a good, strong movie, and a reasonably faithful adaptation.

Saturday=birthday party. Ran up to a community garden fund-raiser sale, fought with 20 minutes of lines to buy two basils and a dill. This may not have been a good use of time, but Whines had breakfast and saved me a pancake, so everyone was happy.

Came home, cleaned up a little, barbequied chicken, burgers, hot dogs, and Turtle and N came over and grilled corn with wasabi butter. Good to see people, and being surrounded by 20-somethings makes being increasingly late 30-somethings a little easier :)

Unfortunatley, I'd been courting a backache all weekend, and it's really caught up to me now. Writing this entry is about the most time I'd spent vertically today. It's fading a bit, mostly because Folfy gave me some magic pills from his medicine cabinet that are taking most of the edge off of. Turtle gave me a nice massage, good visiting time and it felt really good, and helped me get to sleep, but the pain came back with a vengeance this morning :(

Reading "what Einstein told his chef V2" today. Good reading :) A neat technique for making custard in like five minutes. If it works, wow!

Mom's having all sorts of technical problems at her house, and I'm regretting that I can't boogie down there to help :(

Aaaanyway, feeling a little better every hour, I hope I can be mobile tomorrow.

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