Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

NIGO errors...

Life is just a bit out of balance right now. I've lost a lot of time this week...pretty much all of Monday was a wash, I just hid in bed from the backache fairy and read a cookbook. It was a good cookbook, but useless day, really. Tuesday wasn't a lot better--I stayed in bed most of the morning, then got caught up on some computer stuff.

I've actually been up and functional most of today, took an hour off my feet around lunch just to keep things from getting worse, and they didn't get worse, I'm doing okay now.

Brain just is not functioning very well. Maybe I'm fretting about it because of the time I spent with my increasingly dotty grandmother (she's pretty far gone, not really able to string one minute together with the next, and the nursing home just isn't giving her a lot of mental stimulation...) but I'm getting "nothing in, garbage out" errors. There's just not a lot going on in life right now, particularly this week. Having so much free time makes the time I have worth a lot less, so I'm not getting a lot of stuff done. *sigh*

Ach well, this too shall pass. I'm wanting a job almost as much for the mental stimulation as the moooney, though!

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