Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend stuff--

Firstly, awww. Thanks, Lhexa :)

Secondly, unemployment, bitch and moan, yadda yadda. Now we've gotten that out of the way.

Nicely low-key weekend. Lhexa came over on Friday afternoon to work on the picture I linked to above, which he wrapped up Saturday. Did a little--very little--housecleaning, read for a while. Went to see Watchmen for a second spin through.

I was able to pick up a few things that I missed the first time through--some of them REALLY obvious, but...they make Veigt unnecessarily gay in this one. I got some of it, but it didn't quite connect before. Yeah, he's posing in front of the Village People and drag queens in scene one. He's got a giant upside down lavender triangle in several scenes, and either Whines or Lhexa pointed out a file marked "boys" sitting on his desk. Missed that one. I'm not sure what this adds to the story--is it something they mentioned in the graphic novel? Or just a quirk the movie director/writer threw in for fun? Was he gently encouraging Dr Manhattan to "lose the pants, they do nothing for you" all this time? There had to be a reason for the black briefs coming off, now it makes sense.

As for the ending--well, a lot of purists are whining about the death of The Alien Squid-Monster. But the new ending's a lot cleaner for a movie. When Veigt is activating his armageddon sequence, the software or device he uses is titled "S.Q.U.I.D.". Nice touch. :)

Saturday, mostly prep for the occasional Saturday D&D game I've been running. Some light housecleaning, a little plotting, lunch. Lunch was kind of challenging--we had it in our heads to visit one of our south restaurant favorites, but totally missed the "South by Southwest" fest that had turned downtown into a complete snarl. Whoops! Ach, well, I always forget SXSW until it happens.

Game went okay, I didn't like that the combat was sort of story-detextualized, it's better when combat is a natural part of the plot instead of a random encounter that doesn't add to the narrative. Next game, more RP, I swear. On the other paw, with D&D 4.0, combat is both encouraged and somewhat more fun, as the game is a bit more of a strategic minis game with a fantasy role-play backdrop than 3.5, which was an awkward hybrid that never was sure if it was a tabletop wargame, pen and paper combat sim, or fantasy role-play fest. At least 4.0 is more honest about that.

The overall plot is "city under seige," and two games ago I railroaded the party a bit to get them on the road to the town. The last two games have been basically mood-setting encounters along the road, two major encounters, maybe three minor ones. Combat's definately moving more smoothly as all parties involved get the rules down! That helps.

The main encounter today was a Yellow Musk Creeper (yay!) and a passal of its zombies. I might have been a little lenient on the YMC's mind-control powers (I wrote up the monster myself and haven't had a lot of experience with monster design, and it's hard to factor in the challenge rating of a succubus-type mind control power), but the party's only second level. Anyhow, the party finished the Road Trip portion and are now actually at the city. Which is under seige by the local gnoll clan. Yay, gnolls and hyenas everywhere. We'll see what happens next, the city's a lot more "choose your own adventure" than the road was.

Sunday...yerf. Not a heck of a lot of fun at first, committee meeting at church. There's a really dominating, opinionated guy that just joined the committee...I'd met him before, and was a bit depressed to have him join my team. So a long, bylaws-focused meeting there, which was pretty draining. Got home, did a bit of cleaning, vegged for an hour or so. Maru and Snooch came by to say hello after a bout of artificial rock-climbing, so we wrapped up the day eating vietnamese, watched some intensely cute anime (Magical Pokaan has the single most adorable werewolf girl in all of anime), and then crashed for the evening.

This week is going to be busy busy busy! I've got tons of stuff I've been putting off from the church, for the membership team--I need to revise two major documents, work on an outline for a "new UU member" class. Lots of stuff I need to do for mom's project, and the lawfirm I've applied to is making me basically train myself without pay to have a *chance* of getting a job I don't really want, so that's another time-eating factor. Yeesh. I don't think a 10-hour *interview* procedure should be legal...I really have other stuff to do. 10 hours is legitimate if I'm the only candidate, though. Le sigh.

Anyway...back to the daily grind...wish I was paid for it! :)

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