Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in review--

Very nice weekend overall.

Gaming friday, or at least a round of character generation, which can be fun once in a while. Hopefully that'll pan out into something fun.

Saturday..Whines was gonna hit the local art store with Tanuki and Flippant, free watercolor lessons, but that didn't pan out. So we ended up renting some videos that I still haven't watched, and heading home.

Lhexa working on grading some papers when we got there. Hung out with him for a while, then Ip called us up for a barbeque invite. Hadn't seen him in a while, so that was fun :) Cashew Lou was there, Tanuki and Lhexa came with us, and Whines brought a new guy named Quinn from south Austin. Good time, and hamburgers, had by all.

Earlyearly wake-up for trip to San Antonio the next day. Spent morning with Maus and Tenar, went to brunch at Mad Hatters. Then cruelly forced Maru and Snook to ferry us about town, hiking up the river walk, hitting a few stores, eating lunch, and so on, before joining with some of the SA furs (Kit, Path, Veralix) for din-din :) It was nice seeing people :)

Minor automobile-related crisis with Maru's car--he'd apparently been having some trouble with the accellerator, it didn't, well, accellerate very well. When Snook took over the driving, he floored it to clear out whatever was the problem.

Which is when the screaming started :)

Apparently, a screw-clamp had shifted around to block the cable and lever that connects the accellerator pedal to the engine. So, when Maru pressed the accellerator, it would bump against the screw, preventing him from accellerating rapidly.

When Snook floored the pedal, the lever got stuck BEHIND the screw! Eeep! So, time for exciting accelleration!

He was able to steer off the road by flooring the brake pedal...the gas pedal was already floored! OMG, brake smoke, it's finally gotten out of my hair :) We got off into the access road, tried to drive to a stop, but the brake was starting to give out at this point, and we were getting ready to ram the guy in front of us (at like 15-20 MPH or so.) Whines suggested, in somehow non-panicked tones, that Snook take the car into neutral. There wasn't much of a neutral gear, so he threw it into sudden reverse! Eeep! Didn't hit the car behind us, and Snook was able to work out the screw problem with what seemed like little actual damage to the car...but it was an exciting moment :)

Back to Austin...My long conversations with mom had racked up an extra $70 on my phone bill :( Got plan it's got a friends and family plan, but with 1400 minutes between myself and Josef, I don't see ever needing it. Still, better safe than sorry! I can definately add all the numbers of people I call for more than 10 minutes at a stretch in one go. It's only about three people.

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