Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

This was a triumph. I'm making a note here, huge success.

First, the cake from the video game "Portal,"

and then my knockoff of it. I'm very pleased :)

Path's birthday cake, 3/29/09

Crowded weekend! Dungeons and Dragons kicked off Friday, I'm playing an extremely bouncy teleporty bandit-type Eladrin Rogue, whose Special Thief Name is "The Blink Dog." Hee. Was fun to poing all over the place, I'd been wanting to play an acrobat for a while.

Saturday, Path's birthday. Did the prepwork for the cake, then went shopping and eating with Whines and Sebu. Got home, a little more cakework, took shower, then Wagons East with Dev to San Antonio for le party.

Pretty good gathering! Felt like about 20 people, at least three of which I hadn't met before. And, of course, Path, who was moving rapidly around trying to be a good host. It's the host's burden that they really don't get to enjoy their own events so much.

Played some Rock Band. I understand that Tanuki is as big a microphone ham as I am! I have to see this, but we were never playing at the same time.

Got to see Maru, which is always nice, chatted with lots of people, didn't have any leftover cake to bring back home.

Lhexa waiting at home when we got here, took the puppydogs on a loong walk around the neighborhood, saw some parts of the area I hadn't seen before.

Thinking a lot about the long-term viability of the house we're living in. Okay, it's totally viable, but it's not precisely my dream house. Would like more small rooms, enclosed spaces, a better-defined media area, halls, and shade outside. Something a bit more 1960s, I think. Though the space is really good, it is kind of wasted.

Got some projects knocked out--did a nice little folding business card for mom, got those printed and handed to her, then job interview Monday afternoon, which went very well. Fingers crossed!
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