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If I could only get paid for this...

I could probably buy a bright shiny new game book! My web-dev skills are so very 1994.

Mom's project got a teensy bit more complicated, web-wise. Originally I had one page that represented "trendy coffee shop" and "slightly stodgy, mostly sophisticated nonprofit blanket organization." I'm having to pull them apart now into two seperate concepts--which will make the concepts a lot cleaner and more intuitive, I think, but I'm having to juggle a few different looks and feels.

I'm probably sticking with the semi-ipod look for the coffee shop, white and sort of floaty-abstract. Here's the current mockup for the new NPO's page I'm kind of pleased with it. It's stark, but the images all mouse-over with some color, so it's stark-but-warm. At least when the mouseovers work. Enigmatically, some of them don't. *shrugs* We do not pretend to understand these things. Mostly, we understand hyenas, and custard.

Both of these pages are very rough-draft...I need to totally redo the photography on the white pages to make them sharper. Which means re-doing the graphics on the mugs, but that's okay. Except one of them shattered when I put coffee in it the other day. So, goodbye mug. Have to find a new one of those.
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