Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic


1) Fill bottom of church's deep freezer with plastic tubs of soup.
2) Drop a five-pound block of ice on top of plastic tubs of soup.
Boom! Soup everywhichway! Caked onto the side of the freezer! Yay! For my next trick, cleaning off the sides of an active freezer.

Made...whooo...I don't even know, but probably 20 gallons of soup last night. Like always, I overprepared, so "cook for 60" turns into "cook for 90" in my head, and really, ended up being "feed 30" in real life. And not 30 people like my friends eat, but 30 churchies, eating churchie portions. So a LOT of soup to freeze for next month...

The best part was when I dashed out of the building for the 10-mile drive home for a job interview, then found the key to the freezer in my pocket. Doh!
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