Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic


Last week, had several clusters of mushrooms in my garden. This usually means I'm overwatering, but I don't think I am--mint takes a fair bit of water. These were cute little thing, with caps that resembled half-lemons.

Then, the slime mold. I don't like the slime mold so much. It looks like a pukey orange-white smear--I thought at first some massively incontinent bird relieved himself in my basil, but no, it started expanding. Which was strange. It may not be a slime mold, actually, I couldn't say for sure--yesterday I watered it, and it exploded in a rich cloud of purple-burgeondy dust and spores, looking exactly like a smoke bomb going off.

And now there's ANOTHER one, even bigger, growing in my mint and lemon verbena on the other side of the lawn, and I'm having a rash of lemon-colored mushrooms.

Unfortunatley, it's dry and warm enough that I need to start watering every three days or so, but that's apparently enough to promote fungus. Wheee.

[Edit: Whines has pointed out the place where it apparently crawled across my peppermint, leaving little threadlike trails behind. Yep, slime mold.]
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