Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Furry movie night--

A little meetlet at Whines and Spotty's house, Saturday, May 16. Two neat-looking movies--Raccoon Princess, a Japanese opera with great-looking costumes, know, I can never remember the name of it, but a Korean animated picture with a white Kitsune, very pretty. I'm sure someone knows the name of it :)

Sooo, here's the schedule! Barbeque pit fires up at 4:00, so I can try to kill everyone again with undercooked meat (yay!). We start the first movie--the Kitsune film--at 5:00. When that wraps up, a massive quest downtown to get bubble tea at Momoko's, Austin's first bubble tea restaurant, then to the Asian SUPERSTORE to stock up on pocky--then, Raccoon Princess! Yay!

Minor requests--we're low on crash space, and I've got a lot to do Sunday, so this meet is going to wrap up at 12:30 or so, and if you're from out of town and need to crash, please let us know, but we'll probably need to keep overnight guests to a minimum. Secondly, I request that collars and tails and stuff stay at our house during BubbleTeaQuest, lots of furries and multiple collars in public spaces are outside my comfort zone. Sorry if I sound like a stodgy greymuzzle, but I *am* a stodgy greymuzzle :)

PM me for directions if you need them!
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