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A few weeks ago Whines got drafted to do emergency tech support for several hours on a Saturday. I tried to pitch in for moving stuff around, but I was all stomach-fluy, and kind of loosely connected to reality. Neither here nor there--Whines got a gift certificate to "Perry's", a high-end downtown steakhouse.

It was quite nice! The waiter kept stealing my packets of sweet'n'low before I was finished with them, but the food was quite good. Whines got some very lamby roasted lamb, and I got a bison steak with a kona coffee sauce and creamed spinach with asparagus skins and black truffle sauce. Which was one of the day's specials, and more or less in line with their standard dinner offerings, price-wise.

The damage? $50, ouch. After the $50 gift certificate. Yeesh! I mean, lovely food, but still!'s nice to have the occasional high-end dining experience, so that was a rare treat. Mine was a medium well treat.

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