Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

It'd be a twitterdump, but I don't tweet...

You know those three-tined hand-rakes gardeners use to tear up and aereate the ground? Yeah. Those. Don't step on them.

Thank god! More slime molds! They keep turning up in entirely different sections of the lawn. Third and fourth spotted today. Still unpleasant. But...tenacious.

Found *an* arabic jasmine, the kind use for tea. Not *the* one, though. I still want a Prince of Persia. This had a rich, heady fragrance, though. So good.

Grandma decides nursing home attendant was her daughter, introduced me as "friend." *shrugs* Attempts to keep nursing home staff from reminding her she's dying doomed to failure. She answered door, "Are you still dying?" when back from hospital. Nice.

Blueberry scones, home-made chai. Well, from a Celestial Seasonings box. Nom nom nom.
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