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Oi, whadda weekend. Long, but rewarding.

At this point, I don't remember friday at all :( I'm not sure what happened. There was some great gaming in there, A's campaign is going in some odd and unexpected directions, but PLANAR TRAVEL is in the near future, I think! Yay! I've NEVER EVER gotten to be in a campaign that's jumped to an alternate plane, and it's one of my favorite aspects of D&D. Woohoo.

Oh, now I remember Friday. I was busy all day. Had it in my head that I was going to make korma, but kept getting pulled aside to do other things, work with mom, that sort of thing. Then gaming happened somewhere in there. But korma didn't. Oh, well. Sometime this week, it's been like three weeks since I've cooked anything of value.

Saturday, Pridefest day. Some long conversation with Whines, then food, then grabbing Chance and travelling Prideward. Three hours too early. So we puttered around in the heat and walked for what felt like three miles altogether. Not a huge distance, but not one that I'm currently "trained" for...and it was hot!

Pridefest and the pride parade were both a little bit of a letdown--the GLBT group has (wisely?) decided to hold the festival for only a few hours in the late afternoon, rather than baking their volunteer staff in the hot, hot sun all day. Probably cheaper and easier to run. The parade...weird, a lot of local businesses (like realtors and banks and stuff), rather fewer purely gay groups. Or at least they didn't bother identifying who they were. And one UU church, yay, go uus! biz in the morning, lunch, light shopping, more long conversations with Whines, then taking the dogs to the park. Which was a lot of fun :) I was all set to have a nice relaxing dinner, when my family called to tell me that I had to leave RIGHT THAT MINUTE to go to grandma's funeral (which, to be fair, I was expecting to drive to the next morning at like 4:30...I'd much rather leave at 4:30 than spend the night at a hotel, I think I get more rest that way.)

Monday, funeral. Graveside, which was a new experience (I suspect one that I'll have more of as time marches inexorably forward). The family stuck a pair of well-worn dancing shoes and a bottle of tequila in the coffin...since Grandma was buried with quakers, she had to have SOMETHING to tide her over...

Mom got unusually drunk and silly. Sister got unusually (or usually) judgemental of mom. Not a good dynamic, considering the circumstances. Apparently extended family knows I'm gay now, as the single biggest gossip in the family finally made the connection with that guy I'm always hanging out with. That simplifies things.

Made it home 7:30 or so, ran north for dinner with friends and *other* family. Chicken, TV, bed, in that order.

Aaaaand, thrifthorror made the Livejournal spotlight...without my intervention this time. Whines pointed this out to me when I was in Houston, so I grabbed mom's laptop and switched the community's status immediately to "mod approves posts." It's for the best, after last time. Nice to be a part of such a prospering thing :)

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