Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Gaming over the weekend--

Ran another installment of my about-monthly D&D game. New monster in the MM2 that's very neat for gnoll fans, the witherling--a sort of demon-tainted undead created by Yeenoghu worshippers, a fast-moving (speed 8) bastard that gets Shift 2 and double-attacks when bloodied, a poison claw with Slow (save ends), and a scary jump thing--very 28 days later, really, but the thing looks like an old corpse with gazelle-horn claws and a hyena skull grafted to it. Serenghetti Horror :) Four of these was a pretty nasty challenge for the party (there was also a few hyenas and a gnoll armed with a poison longbow, but the witherlings really were the core disaster.

The party mission for the game was "retrieve some treasures from the boss's house and escape." I blew an hour last month making a map that covered my gamer's table, lots of sheets of paper--fun to have a large chunk of world to work around, and it led to some interesting moments that I hadn't expected. That, and the party decided to draw off a lot of the gnolls with some distractions, leaving the "it'd be better if the party just ran away" encounter a little more approachable. It was a pretty near fight, I had three out of five members down at one point, and had to throw in an NPC cleric to stabalize people (the PC priest didn't make it to the game)...but GM fiat was pretty minimal, one heal, two stabalize dying with Heal skill.)

Hoping we can wrap up the current plot, which has gone on for I think five games now, and doesn't have NEARLY enough undead for my taste. I've been enjoying the gnoll content, since the plot is built around "City under Seige by Gnoll Army," but I'm pretty sure the next plot is going to be dungeon/pirate city, unless someone surprises me.
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