Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic


I know I've made this exact post before, but I need to whine a little bit, so I'm going to make it again.

The jobsearch thing keeps underlining that I spent six years doing an entry-level job v-e-r-y well. I made it branch into new directions, created/facilitated some excellent sales opportunities, got a lot of respect, and did a really bang-up job at it, but still, the basic job title was an entry-level position, and I never really picked up a new title. Add to that that I really only focused on data juggling...and never learned SQL, though it was something I was starting to do.

The only thing I've got enough experience at to move myself out of "entry level" is MS Excel, *maybe* marketing copywriting, but that's kind of a stretch, since I've only got about a year of professional experience at it--maybe a month of paid experience.

The state's requiring me to play on their search engine, but it just sends me very basic admin assists, because it's impossible to sell yourself as a generalist, no matter how good a generalist you are :(

Whine, whine. Okay, I'm finished.
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