Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Really, if it weren't for all the ups and downs, how would we know what level was?

Jobstuff--excellent opportunity at University of Texas. We'll see what happens there. I think I may have a professor in the department willing to recommend me, unless I totally misunderstand the position.

Formatted my cover letter in some bizaare way, text without linebreaks (paragraph yes, linebreaks no). Go me :( That's the way UTexas USED to take letters, but now it seems they've got a better way of doing things, which I learned after I submitted. At least it's spelled okay.

Life is too crowded to be social :( I hate that. Every evening is stuffed with something or another, too back-to-back to allow the flexibility of catching a movie with some friends. Maybe it's just this week. With two ongoing serious commitments and one light commitment during the week, and weekends being as crowded as they tend to be, that doesn't leave a lot of playroom.

Money situation a wee bit grim. Unemployment should kick in at the second half of the month, that's good, but in the meantime, watch my bank account slooowly empty itself :( Ach. If this is the month I land a job, no problem, I've wiped my savings out but haven't gone into hock yet.

*snickers* Going through the photos in my Flikr archive that people have favorited. Someone favorited my picture loosely titled "Spotty demonstrates how not to sit in a kilt." Their archive is naught but boys in bikini briefs, or less. So I guess that's a compliment :)

Heat killing my desert plants. Worrisome.

Fuxed up a huge batch of iced tea, somehow. Oh, yeah, I let it boil. I cleaned out ALL my mint and most of my verbena, lemon balm, and stevia. Ended up with a pot of brown water with the taste of diluted burned sugar. Not pleasant. Sickly-sweet, musty flavor.

Making two of Whines' mom's rhubarb pies for a potluck :) Hope THOSE turn out well, I only rarely screw up pie.
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