Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Employment WTF?

I'm a little confused by suddenly having TWO job interviews on my plate. Not upset, but a little surprised after nothing but echoes, if that, from the Carlesbad Caverns I've been throwing my resumes into.

The first I'm modestly interested in, it's marketing co-ord for an insurance company, with a generous helping of copywriting. Meh, good practice if not my ideal situation, but LOTS and LOTS of people to talk to. Yay.

The second...I'm not sure, it's budget-juggling work for a construction firm. It might be useful down the road when Whines and I want to add an extra tunnel to our den or something, but it's kind of far away from following my bliss.'s not like I'm actually WORKING or anything, and something that can stay confined to a 40-hour job has its perks.

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