Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic


So I may not be able to take that sweet multi-media course because I may or may not have ever signed up for selective service. For the love of St. Dymphna, I'm 34, I have no zarking idea if I ever checked a box saying "hey, draft me if strictly necessary." There's a lot of not-very-lucid years there. And isn't there a box on your State ID form that lets you register for selective service? I'd never remotely remember if I checked something like that off.

And this is rich, denying someone federal resources over the course of their *entire life* for decisions made when they were college-age? That seems...draconian. After age 26, you can't register, at least not unless you "establish a preponderance of evidence that not registering was not a willful act." And that's proving a negative. I can't remember last year in any kind of detail, let alone what I was doing before I was 26.

Well, poop.
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