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Straightening out, cleaning up, redesigning, fursonas, et cetera--

[Edit: This is my last entry as Spotty Logic. I'm really kind of sad about this, but because of LJ's ads, I don't want to have a free account, and it's not worth it to me to pay them--but my Spotty Logic account is a permanent account, so goodbye, old identity! Note added 4/14/11]

You can directly tell how self-involved a post is by the number of "I"s in it. This one's a doozy!

I've been totally neglegent in keeping up with my LJ friends. It's probably time to clean house a bit, since I can't keep up with my f'list with the amount of time I spend on LJ. So I'm going to do some cutting and trimming, mostly of people I don't have an emotional connection to (apologies if I drop you, but if I did, I probably wasn't participating in your 'blog anyway, so no harm no foul I hope!).

I'm also creating a new LJ-account for my primary account. I'll keep SpottyLogic around indefinately, mostly because I really like the name, but also because I own or mod several LJ communities that use that as a base for their account. I'll probably use it for RL stuff, jobstuff, and stuff stuff, but I'm going to take my mate's lead and use my primary blog for positive stuff, and the SpottyLogic one for quiet introspection, more of a "journal." If there's anything *important* I'll post it to the new account, fadesdog.

A lot of this is tied into a furry midlife crisis, not really thinking that I'm a hyena-person anymore--I *love* hyenas, but they've kind of become my shadow totem over the years. Personality-wise, I've been more of a dog person, and I think I would *like* to be more of a dog person.

Baaasically, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this LJ, which'll probably be a little more secondary. I may just keep it on-hand for the communities I regularly participate in--Austin Community, et cetera, more scannable stuff.
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