Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

General updates

-Start new job November 8, University of Texas. Very excited.
-Said "goodbye" to my current crew Wednesday (working through rest of week, but no point in saying goodbye if you're not there to get a response, ask any chronic rage-quitter.)
-Still working on that "doctoral thesis for a friend" thing. It's going pretty well, there's some communication issues (that is, there's no communication), but other than that little thing, we're making some real progress.
-Finances: kind of screwball. I think there's been a few unusually $$ moments (camping, car repair, combined with a general stupidity toward spending control. I feel like I'm doing better on buying stupid impulse stuff. Maybe I'm not. Grocery stores are pricy. Part of this was that I lost my credit card over the last week and have been running on *actual* cash instead of my usual cushion that I pay off at the end of the month.

Overall, I do feel a bit of lightness in the world, the job-depression cloud starting to break.

-I'm worried, well, about finances. I'm taking a modest pay cut and all my money comes at the front of the month. I *have* to control my spending. A few major expenses will go away--insurance out of pocket, 75% of gas for car.

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