Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Nice weekend in the "great outdoors"

Whines, self, a few friends, Kipiroo (?), went for a little journey to Enchanted Rock, a collection of massive granite domes maybe 75 miles of Austin. Pleasant enough trip, we went at noonish, got there at 3ish, set up tent, met up with the rest of the furs at around 5ish, climbed the rock, admired the scenery, burned some meat for dinner, crashed like the proverbial rock. I woke up early to make breakfast, cleaned up camp with the guys, puttered over a couple of boulders with the dogs--well, with Plague and Dsukit, our four-legged dogs, I have to clarify these things--and then we headed home. Rough summary.

A 20-minute rainstorm soaked EVERYTHING, and the air was humid enough that it never really dried out--but it only caught myself and Whines, because we were early. Yay! The hail was a nice touch, I actually got photographs of it streaking through the air and bouncing off Josef. The dogs were quite scared, so I bravely hid under the picnic canopy to protect them.

Talking with Kipiroo, a dolphin "fur" from Germany, has been fun. He's been visiting for a week or so. Interesting perspective, and a bit of a sense of "in character" that's been fun.

The dogs went to the top of the mountain with us, and drank from a lot of the little ponds. There's apparently a species of endangered fairy shrimp (they eat fairies?) I'm sure they're .06% more endangered now.

I always love making breakfast at the campsite in the morning. It's one of the positives of being a morning person.

We didn't have a lot of evidence of the animals out there except for a swarm of yellow jackets that seemed to take a shining to us--but we did see something--probably a racoon--in the shadows, when we were climbing down the mountain late at night. Didn't get a sense for what it was, except for seeing a pair of eyes flashing. Whines said he heard a chorus of coyotes, but I missed that?

I think I said that it was nice to have a moment of communion with nature. But I do think that more realistically, camping for Joe Average is more like a moment of dominion over nature, asserting that we can survive in the manner to which we've become accustomed in the "middle" of "nowhere." Regardless, it's very nice social time.

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