Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Long weekend. Not a lot accomplished.

On Friday morning, I looked at my schedule and realized there was no weekend left. Ach, that's such a sinking feeling!

Mom wanted me to do some "homework" with her Saturday morning, which was mostly lugging furniture up the stairs, but we had a nice little lunch at a "British" sandwich dive. Egg and toast, sausage sandwich, shortbread. Not bad fare, not a lot to recommend except local, cheap, locally sourced ingredients when possible.

Was in the process of lugging *more* furniture upstairs when my alarm went off--crap, I had a birthday party I'd forgotten about! Whines and I ran home, I dashed off to Genuine Joe's, hung out for an hour with the birthday boy, ran home for Whines's game, which was pretty fun, if a little crowded around the table.

Sunday--had a little bit of work to do at church, stopped there for 45 minutes. Wrote a really good post for Thrifthorror, then worked on game stuff for a few hours.

Ran the "last" of my game for the year, from about 5:00-midnight, wrapping up the party's adventures on their way to a big horrid city in the underdark, and dumping 9000 XP on them in one go. Then, pack up game in a box, put it on the shelf until January, I think.

Not a bad weekend, but I spent *no* time working on the big projects I've got in front of me. That's bad. And with a 3:00 job interview to prep for, not a lot of time today available.

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