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What's your day job/that whole Goofy-Pluto thing

Totally a furry rambling thing, utterly fictional and meaningless.

While mostly [fades] is just my furry name for myself, he's also a stand-alone character. I've usually thought of him as kind of the "not so great example sidekick in a 'male coming to a realization' movie," and described him as "hanging out in a coffee shop, trying to pick up some impressionable young thing with a second-hand copy of 'Howl'." I don't know what this says about myself if he's my alter-ego, except that I like making up characters :)

I don't know what he does for a living, but I think I've found it--Blink Dog rights activist.

For a variety of reasons, blink dogs are exploited in fictional universes--adventurers raid their dens for their pups to sell to merchants or use as riding beasts for--eew--halflings, or take them and "tame" them to stand beside druids and rangers in battle. That's harsh, for something that's probably more intelligent than the party fighter.

Worse, in certain Nethack/Rogue-type games, some immoral adventurers discovered that eating the body of a fallen blink dog gives the eater the power of total control over (usually) random teleportation. These adventurers will tame young blink dogs, get them to summon their cousins as they defend their "friends" in battle, and then eat the bodies of the blink dogs that die in their defense. Dreadful!

So I'm pretty sure [fades] helps out at protests and public events, handing out pamphlets that say "Don't let them take their puppies."

This brings up the weird question of "How much would an anthropomorphic character care about his non-uplifted cousins?" That's always a hard one to answer. Whines usually points out that humans rarely rush to the aid of monkeys, but in our world, many humans have a strong them/us relationship with monkeys--to the point of arguing that there's no evolutionary connection. In a world where hundreds of species exist with strong phenotype connections to their species, the connection's going to be harder to argue against. *shrug* this is totally unimportant, just rambling.

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