Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Random weekend stuff

Saw a play, "Uncorruptible", at church. Pretty fun--a 13th Century monastary on the skids starts selling saint's relics they dig up in the backyard cemetary, with a little Twelveth love story thrown in.

Don't think I accomplished a lot. I was trying to work on S's thesis project, but I was short circuiting a bit and having a hard time working--I'm not feeling comfortable enough to *compose*, though I can cut and revise okay. Maybe soon.

Weekend a bit of a blur. Went to Tofu's birthday gathering in the pretty park downtown, but it was all fenced off for Austin City Limit's annual festival, so we just puttered around and looked at the Austin Nature Center. Spent some of the weekend with the mexican hairless dog that's visiting us, he was kind of skittish and whiney, but it was his first night, so, that's to be expected.

Did get a nice raise at work on Friday. I'm kind of torn on how I feel about my office--I've been trying to get a more stable role, but this is a good show of faith that they want to keep me on long-term. I'm just kind of ambivilent about that right now. But there's something to be said for someone handing me a fistful of money.

whines's D&D game was fun, if a bit understaffed and late because of the play. My character's a fairly nice guy, but his familiar is a demon, so I re-built him to emphasize "incite the party to frenetic bloodlust" instead of healing and suchlike. That was kind of fun, if I can get my color text a little clearer it'll add some flavor to him.

Trying to decide if I "need" a netbook. We're taking almost a week out of town in mid-November, and I don't want to stop working on my projects if I can avoid it--particularly if I can get a good start on them. And the idea of blogging at a coffee shop has a lot of charm to it, even if I'm pathologically incapable of sitting still for more than 30 minutes.

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