Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Maybe we can try this day again some other day.

This has been a "redo, please" day. I could NOT make it out the door this morning, and ended up leaving some papers I needed for a meeting this afternoon AND my work badge. I also left my lunch, but I remembered that one, at least, and went back for it--throwing everything into a bit of a time crunch.

Whines, bless him, decided to trim and edge the front yard, which makes me very happy :) Unfortunately, he edged away a jasmine that I'd been waiting to see bloom. Totally not his fault, everything looks the same, but it was a sour note in the morning.

Snarling at friends over e-mail = another bad note to the day. Vague sense that nothing is going right, though it's all going fairly well and I'm getting work done.

Yesterday was hard, too--there was about six hours of church meeting, none of which I had any engagement at all in. It was all "let's explain our policy-making policy," and they overwrote the part where the various committees get to talk for a moment about their goals for more policy-making policy, which was pretty frustrating.

I tend to sign everything I do "best, jacob," but my finger slipped and I sent "besat, Jacob."

Vulturing my gmail box for information about Friday's job interview doesn't help the day feel even-keeled, it just adds to the wobbly, out-of-this-moment element.

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