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Con Report, Day 1.5-2


Finally got the hospitality suite set up at about 3:30. Kaanah had expressed his opinion, and I will allow that other people can, theoretically, have opinions, that I'd bought too damn much food. I'm totally certain that had I only bought one box of hot dogs, there would have been a massive run on them. And we *almost* made it through an entire box of Sam's Club low-grade S'Meet-dogs. Not quite.

Rico's slightly radioactive cheese food product on top of the cheapest 'dogs available on a slice of grade B white bread is, with proper timing, the food of the gods. Hot dogs are all about context. That's why they move so well at baseball games and camp-outs. If you're going to serve or eat dubious tube-meats, mood is critical. Otherwise, the experience is shallow and unsatisfying.

Ultimately foisted the second box of 80 pre-skinned panamanian toy dauschaunds weiners, a huge bag of cheap nachos, and some bread off on Bane, the guy with that fantastic red dragon-unicorn costume. May other furs eat well.

Really don't have a lot to say. It was a semi-structured gathering. I think that the pessimists were probably quite pleasantly surprised, and the optimists felt a wee bit cheated. I guess I fall into the second camp--the lack of organization drove me bonkers. There was some beautiful stuff on auction, but it just didn't sell--they needed a real ham to work the crowds, but went the silent auction route. There were only two dozen or so items, it wouldn't have taken that long, and there might have been more proceeds. I mean, the main charity was the Save the Tigers fund, and what if we ran over budget? Would we have to sell one into white tiger slavery? Call the tigers, and say that we've had a problem, and a few of you are gonna have to wash dishes for a while to make up for the shortfall, sorry? I don't want to be the one to make that phone call. They sound so sad when they're disappointed.

baktre/Whines did pretty good at the auction, though. Honestly, I think he might have made more money than anyone else there.

Woke up Saturday morning at 5:30 (grumble...) with a Good Idea--yesterday, I'd been doing the demigoth thing, black velvet, silver, fangs and later on a dopey little tail--everybody else had one, but a four-foot panther tail is a lot more impressive than a 1.5-foot tan tail with a silly black poof at the end. Spotted hyenas--neat creatures, but not designed for aesthetic value. Wanted to wear my antlers, because they're a piece of costuming that 1) I made that's 2) fairly impressive. The convention's unofficial mascot was The Noble Jackalope, so I went to The Party Pig, picked up a pair of white easter-bunny ears, painted them brown, and rammed them through the supporting band--instant jackalope. Worked pretty well, once I'd managed to tie the damn things on, a lot easier when my hair was shorter. Later, the leather strap that keeps them from shifting forward unlaced itself, so predictably they shifted as far forward as they could, but I don't think anyone noticed. It took me a good half-hour to comb my hair afterward, I lost six teeth in my brush and ended up with a hairball you could play a light and fluffy version of croquet with. Ouch. Looked good, though. The jackalope, not the hairball.

Whines, true to his name, convinced me to drive all the way across Austin for lunch. Driving with Big Hair and antlers is tricky and dangerous. Eating at Korea House with same is just odd.

Nice event, met a lot of people, some of which I recognized the names of, others never would have encountered. Picked up a few pieces of art and won a neat fantasy-knife necklace at the auction (I was the only bidder--I hate that!) and bought some poor girl that was suffering terrible "I came here to get away from my boyfriend-induced stress but I can't, and I'm falling apart" a Snickers bar, but she wandered off mid-sob and I never saw her again. Either will get a commision from or was hit on by a very good artist, I can never tell which. Proposed that next convention's proceeds go to the Save the Hyenas fund, nobody ever takes me seriously.

Lotsa people, maybe 250 sum total. Unfortunately, lotsa people that didn't get hotel rooms, so it sounds like there's an excellent chance that the convention will break even. However, the damn hotel "forgot" there was a convention scheduled that weekend. They broke contract, too. I'm sure they won't see it like that, though. And put out a tip jar with "Tipping Prevents Mange" on it to make up some of the $140 I blew on food--lotta mange in some people's future, I'm thinking.

Now, we're packing up to go hit Excalibur Faire with twistdbutterfly, sdocat, KT Kat, Badger, and April, possibly Whines and kaanah. Clearly, I need more coffee. Got up at 6:30, though. I want my frikkin' sleep schedule back. Though with both upper and lower fang caps in place, frequent fits of yawning might be an interesting visual effect.

The Tobias Report: Stupid Fox Boy was on fairly good behavior, just running around being busy, which is when he's at his best. While I could say a lot of bad things about him, he really can get things done, which is impressive for an 18-year-old. Though ranting that the hospitality suite didn't have any sodas right in front of me, when I blew more money on con-snackage than I did on cool swag, gas, personal food and costuming, pissed me off to the point of shouting at the little bugger. Grrr.


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