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Nice evening--

We puttered off to the Alamo Drafthouse, which was running "The Best of God," a fun collection of strange religous propaganda. Both bauson and myself have a weakness for such things, so it was a good pile of fun.

The guy putting it together--one of the fellows that put together the Mr. Sinus Show back in the day--made good choices. There weren't any pieces that really felt like an attack on the audience, nothing that was hard core anti-anything. I think that really helped the energy in the room.

Benny Hinn was pretty amazing, deeply cheezy in the clip shown--he wandered around randomly knocking people over with the power of god, it was almost sadistic. He'd just wave a hand vaguely and say "push!" and everyone fell over. I assume it was some sort of Close Blast 3 attack, but the At Will version was two targets, range 3 or so. The Daily that knocked everyone down in a Close Burst 5 was pretty impressive, but it just Proned and Dazed them, so presumably the audience could have responded with a charge attack.

It sounds like Mr. Hinn goes some deeply crazy places, at least according to my leftist-gay-pagan tendancies, so I'm glad that we saw something that was fun, rather than, again, brimstone-scented.

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