Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Whoof! Weekend!

Friday night was some pretty good gaming--our characters are going after an artifact a little like the Rod of Seven Parts, a powerful item broken into sixths, and got our rears handed to us by angels. And giant birds. Two party members down out of four. Everybody was picking on my Controller, who wasn't ranked very high on the "durability" scale, and a roc dropped our bard some 200 feet. Ouch. A- was very kind about ressurecting us, probably because the plot identity might have fallen apart--though in the future I'll probably point out that divine intervention will actually keep a character from being ressurected, and we've hacked off the gods. We don't know that there isn't another god helping us, though.

I'm still really liking my gnoll character and don't want to switch yet, so maybe I won't mention anything :)

Saturday, actually mostly took the day off. Baked some cookies for the church event, did a very little work, and got some stuff organized. Ferris was having a birthday/den-warming party, it was nice to see him :)

Church sunday--the annual Connections Fair, when the 60 or so little groups in the church show their stuff off. We had it outside this year, which made me a little nervous. Rain was impending. But it was SOOO much easier to talk with people outside--it was a little warm, but there wasn't a horrible cacophony from the enclosed space trapping all the sound inside.

Bought some lemonade for the volunteers. Two stringy little kids, maybe 12, asked if they could sell it. Eh? No. Pushy little guys.

Five minutes before the second church service let out, it started to rain. It turned out to have been just a passing 30-second shower, but it was one of the kind that gets umbrella-bad just before it winks out, so I gave the order to come inside right before it did. The transition was actually alarmingly smooth, even if we did look like the lost tribe with more tablecloths. Which gave a good comparison for next year--outside I was able to have lots of conversations, inside I was standing a foot away from someone and having to shout. So, a good object lesson.

Josef's game, which was pretty fun--more giant birds, one of whom took our party rogue to feed her young in their nest on top of the tower. A tense moment when people were standing on top of the tower and the sorcerer "sneezed," knocking everyone a yard or so away, but no lost lives. Could have easily been worse!

My character's demon companion really held the line well, creating a bottleneck that stopped a massive swarm of rats for a few moments. Yay, useful!

Nice to see everyone, not a very restful weekend but a productive one, and I'm glad it's over. Now to start on that thesis-editing project, in earnest.

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